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This is a site specially for those who'd like something to read in their spare moments.

Most of the stories here will only take you about ten minutes to read, so you can dip in and out while you're surfing, waiting for the kettle to boil (if your kettle's a slow one!), waiting for a bus, or just waiting!

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Latest Updates:

March 2017: At last! These stories are now available in an anthology, Ten-Minute Tales, for Amazon Kindle. Get your copy now!

My short story Sleeping Beauty was shortlisted for the Writing Magazine Adult Fairy Story competition in September 2016. It's now available on this site, and it's in the anthology.

Besides Sleeping Beauty you'll find another four new ones on the Short Stories page, including another "adult fairy story" entry, and one that's dialogue-only.

Highworth Scribblers' Anthology Bright Familiar Surrounds is also available from Amazon, in both hard copy and Kindle formats. Includes not only some stories from this site, but also excellent tales from Gail Loose, Juliet Platt and Sophie Boyce.

About this site

TenMinuteTales is a hand-made web site, exuding a rustic charm that lots of tourists would pay good money for if it were a piece of wood. Hosting is by One.com - recommended.

I'll be developing the site as time goes on, so do pop in from time to time.

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I really would like you to let me know what you think of the my stories (constructive please!!), or of the site. So please do e-mail me.

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