A Bit About Me

Phil in Devon

I'm an aspiring author who's written quite a few short stories for competitions. Some of them are not bad - there are a couple of competition winners in here - and I thought it was a shame that they should languish on my hard drive gathering e-dust. So I had the idea of putting them on a web site, so that my friends and relatives would have no excuse for not reading them. Er, sorry - I mean, so that they could be brought out into the light where everyone could enjoy them. (You can see why I'm not in advertising...)

I'm really a scientist, but in my work I've had to write stuff for all kinds of audiences. I've always enjoyed reading, and for a good ten years I used to read bedtime stories to my children. We got through quite a lot of books, and on the whole the children humoured me while I chose my favourties...

I started writing in 2001 after hearing a famous author saying he always did "three pages a day". This made it sound like being an author was mostly graft, and I thought, I can do graft. But it seems like there might be a bit of talent needed too... ah well.

I live in Swindon, town of literary fame (see the "Links" page). Despite its dull reputation (e.g. from The Office) it's actually a pretty inspiring environment. An annual literature festival, a decent Arts Centre, writing courses, hideaways on a working farm, and great countryside around. And anyway, dull is good. No exciting riots. No exciting coming-out-to-find-someone's-nicked-your-car. Even the rush hour is quite civilised.

Who are my influences? Good question.

Who else?

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