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Literature in Swindon

Swindon has a thriving Arts Centre, with literature, drama, music, comedy, a reading group and more...

A gem of Swindon, Lower Shaw Farm. Working weekends, walking weekends, writing events, yoga, basket making, and real live animals. Give it a try! Many good things come out of Lower Shaw Farm - and I don't just mean eggs! Matt Holland, writer and organiser, runs the world-famous (!) Swindon Festival of Literature, held annually in the merry month of May.

Swindon has a thriving poetry community. The town has its very own community poet, and poetry events are a regular feature of the Literature Festival..

Swindon in Literature

As Christopher Boone, the protagonist of Mark Haddon's Swindon-set The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, would tell you, Swindon starts its literary life with a mention in the Sherlock Holmes story The Boscombe Valley Mystery. (Well, almost - the nineteenth-century writer Richard Jefferies lived near Swindon and his museum still holds literary events today.) But for the hidden, parallel Swindon of Thursday Next, Lola Vavoom and the Elgin Llamas, visit Fforde Grand Central. You won't be disappointed (unless stoped by Danverclones).

Other Nice Links

Exercise your voice with Swindon Community Choir - No auditions - No ability or age restriction - No need to read music!

If you want to acquire skills and confidence to speak effectively in any situation, then Swindon Speakers Club is the place for you. They welcome total novices and those wanting to brush up their public speaking in an atmosphere of friendly encouragement.

I've always found Writing Magazine and Writers' News good reads, together with the associated Writers Online web site. Plenty of advice on how to improve your writing, what's happening in the world of literature and so on. Have a look at the courses available from the Home Study Division.

Keeping traditional music alive in a friendly setting is Swindon Folksingers' Club, who meet every Friday at Ashford Road Club.


Tim Gilvin Music - Nice Notes.

Healing and relaxing yoga in Swindon with Liz Gilvin

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